Ryli's First Outdoor Practice

Ryli managed to bust what arrows she had left.  Tips, fletchings and nocks.  It's a whole new world in outdoor archery that's for sure.  She had fun with it though :) and we got her sited in at 35 meters!! 

Friday's Private Lesson

This lesson, Ryli's coach Sue, worked on her form and stance for the first half.  Then, Sue got Ryli sited in for target training.  Ryli's target training involves no target, but small water balloons (filled with air) placed sporadically on the butt.

Ryli is all set and registered for upcoming outdoor tournaments this season!! 

Her first competition is May 12 - IFAA Hunter Round which only gives her a little over 2 weeks practice time.

This will be the first time shooting outdoors for her, so I'm very thankful we have friends who live out in the country who are letting us use some of their land for an outdoor range. This way, Ryli can get more practice in.

Hopefully the weather cooperates this weekend.  We were going to start today, but first it rained, and then it turned to snow. YUCK.  Not great conditions for shooting outside.  Especially for a first timer.

So, it is official. Ryli is now being represented by Action Sports Management - Action Talent Inc. in Vancouver, BC.  

If anyone is interested in booking this amazing young lady for commercials, TV, movies or print work, please contact
Action Sports Management 

While Ryli is away for the weekend visiting her grandparents, I thought I would just post a couple pics of her that were taken by my Galaxy Note II

Tonight we went for a 5 km walk. It's nice to get outside now that the weather is good. I wanted to do some more stretching when we got home. My cousin Abi helped me and showed me some new moves to try out.

So, not much going on today.  The sun was out and it was a nice 21 degrees (Celsius) for the most part :)  I spent a lot of it outside myself making Ryli her own outdoor target.  When it's finished, I will make sure I post pictures.  Hopefully it works.  It helped a lot that the gentleman working at Home Depot was an Archer himself and new what materials would be appropriate for making a target.

Both Ryli and myself were also busy today getting her measurements and filling out her profile form for Action Sports Management - Action Talent Inc.  Looks like she'll be with them :) Not official yet.  It's been a week in progress.  Hopefully she can get some work to help pay for some of the expenses that come with the sport.  However, we'll most likely be travelling to Toronto if she does.  Which isn't too bad considering most, if not all of the tournaments she'll be competing in are in Toronto.

Tonight's Practice

Tonight Ryli had her private lesson with her coach Sue.  This is her second lesson since she got her new bow with a higher draw weight.  It took some time, but Ryli is back into her grove.  She has a few extra steps added to her routine now.  She just has to remember to go through them all to build muscle memory.

Ryli finally received one of her medals :)
Tonight's Practice

Ryli's grouping seems to be coming along nicely :)

Tonight's Practice

So tonight's practice went pretty well.  Still getting used to the new bow with all the extras such as the plunger and arrow rest.  She's a little weary of them, but I reassured her that in time, she will get used to them and master it :)  It also helped that a few guys said they had trouble the first time they upgraded, but kept practicing.  Tonight's practice lasted 2 hrs.  I think she did pretty good, and is getting less tired since she started strength training and Yoga. 

Strength Training

This is a new exercise that Ryli came up with using the bands. I also have her back against the wall to improve her posture.

Ryli`s Release

This was shot by her coach Sue Olson of On Target Archery. Ryli`s was using a 16lbs Wildcat.

Score Cards

Here are Ryli's scores from the competitions she's participated in. She received Bronze for the Ontario and Canada tournaments.  However, there is no Pre Cub division in the MICA tournament because it is an international tournament.  So Ryli and her teammate Samson shot Cadet. Which meant competing with teenagers and shooting at a smaller target. I must say that they did absolutely great and I am extremely proud of both of them for sticking it out. 


Stretching is key for Ryli.  Her muscles usually get tired and sore during a competition. This will help out with that.

Tonight's Exercise 

Working on strength training to build up muscle. This will allow her to up her draw weight for when she starts shooting outdoors. As well, it will help out with her endurance when she's shooting continuously when competing. Here she's doing 3 sets at 8 reps each.