Good morning everyone.  Ryli hasn't been feeling well.  She's had a minor cough for a while and instead of it getting better, it's gotten worse and has turned into a nasty cold. 

I have decided to pull her out of the FITA this weekend so she can rest up and get better.

Her coach also thought it would be best if she refrained from training until she's 100%.

For those of you who don't know, Ryli has Nephritis which is a kidney condition.  So when she's sick, it  really affects her.   Her doctor has put her on a couple of different meds to help her out and said she should start feeling better within 48 hours.

It will be a weekend of R&R for Miss Ryli.

Track and Field Meet 2013
Ryli participated in the annual London Track and Field meet yesterday at TD Waterhouse Stadium of  UWO, and did pretty well.  Even though she did not place, Ryli still received a Silver for Softball Throw and a Bronze for 50m Dash Relay.  Very proud of her :)

At last night's practice, Ryli shot an arrow through one of her other ones.  She's been getting them so close that they are skimming each other which is tearing off the fletchings when she hits the target.  On the upside, her grouping is improving more each day. She's dropping her bow less and rarely hitting her forearm and even when and if she does, her arrows are still within the target. So, no misses. She has come a long way, yet still has a ways more to go. She's learning, improving her skills and having fun doing it.....
 May 18 - 19th Star FITA

Ryli competed this weekend in her first outdoor FITA tournament.  On Saturday she shot a 1071 at 30m, 25m, 25m and 20m distances, but with the same 122cm target.  Unfortunately, nobody including non of the judges caught on to change her target to a 80cm for the second 25m and the 20m distances.  We are still waiting on the ruling if they are going to take and keep her score for that day.  However, this didn't discourage Ryli in the least bit........

On Sunday, she came back and shot a 1102 at the same distances, but this time with the right 80cm target for the second 25m and 20m distances.  She shot better on Sunday and with a smaller target.  Ryli showed and proved that she is more than capable of shooting at this level and deserves to shoot at this level of competition for her age.  She impressed  the judges, spectators and other shooters there who were weary of her shooting a second FITA because of her age and experience.  It was Ryli's choice.  She wasn't tired or sore from Saturday's shoot, and wanted to do this.  Not for everyone there, but for herself.  

Ryli loves this sport and is very dedicated to improving and learning about it every day.  She has fun with it, and that to her is rewarding on it's own.

Warning to fellow competitors:  Sometimes you might hear Ryli humming one of her favorite tunes on the line.  It's very faint, but that's her having fun and enjoying ARCHERY!!

Ryli's Outdoor Practice Session Tonight

Her grouping is starting to improve within windy conditions :) Think she's getting the hang of it now and ready for FITA this weekend.

Ryli's First Field Competition
So proud of Ryli for bringing home Gold from her first field competition.  It wasn't the best day weather wise.  It was very cold, windy and it snowed and hailed throughout the whole time.  But, she braved it out so she could bring home this nice piece of hardware :)
Ryli's Gold Medal from the IFAA Hunter Round
They also awarded Ryli her Bronze Medal from the 2013 Canadian Indoor Regional Championships
Ryli's Bronze Medal from the 2013 Canadian Indoor Championships
No practice tonight.  Ryli had her Track and Field training today so we went got her site fixed, and picked up a new set of arrows. 

She'll be using her newer arrows only for competitions and tournaments.  The guys at The Archer's Nook put different colour nocks on them which makes it easier for her to tell them apart.  She didn't want to change the colour of her fletchings.  Ryli loves the red and black :)

As for her site, it's only a temporary fix till she's done her tournaments.  They have to send it away, and don't have a replacement site for her.  However, all I needed were longer screws to hold it together, and was able to get extra ones.  I won't be disassembling it anymore.  Her coach has a hard case for it which allows it to fit without taking it apart. 

Tomorrow, Ryli is participating in Dance Fest at the Western Fair District with her school.  After that, it will be an afternoon / early evening practice outdoors for some final adjustments.
Well I guess it's safe to say that Ryli's site is out of commission.  So, she shot tonight without it.  Mostly worked on her form.  Tonight was the first time shooting at the Sportsmen's Club out in Dorchester ON.  They have a nice facility and I have decided that Wednesday nights, Ryli will train there.  They also have a 3D course that she is dying to try out.  I told her after her competition, she can use one of her Wednesday night practices to shoot 3D :)
Not bad for not having a site :) Shot at 30m
Form is a little crooked and we are working on it.  However, it has greatly improved over the last few months :)
Tonight's Practice
Tonight's practice went really well.  Ryli is now sited in for all distances for the upcoming competition this Sunday, and her bow has been turned up all the way!! So now, she's pulling 28lbs.  She's really excited for her first outdoor shoot.  However, the weather isn't looking to promising for that day. But, I'm sure she will do fine.
There is a small issue with her site as one of the screw holes has been stripped and the screw fell out while she was shooting.  It didn't effect her at all because there was still another screw holding it together.  But, we will be taking it in on Thursday to get fixed since the Archer's Nook is closed on Wednesdays. Hopefully it will be ready by Sunday.
In other news, Ryli has made the School Track and Field team.  She is participating in the 50 metre dash and Softball Throw. Way to go Ryli!!

Decided to take Ryli to the beach yesterday for some R&R before her week fill of training.  She only posed for the shots.

Yesterday's Outdoor Practice 
Ryli is now sited in for 20yrds and 25yrds. She got in 3hrs of practice yesterday and it went really well. Today we will get her sited in for 30yrds. I also found out that there is no Precub division at the competition coming up next Sunday. So, once again, Ryli will be shooting against archers older and more experienced. She's used to it now and not bothered by it in the least bit. She absolutely amazes me every day :)