Today, Ryli was supposed to shoot at the Golden Maple Leaf Field tournament.  However, due to unexpected health issues, she won't be competing. 
Late on Thursday night, she was wheezing and having difficulty breathing to the point where I had to take her into emerge at the Children's Hospital here in London.  She was so bad, they took her in right away.  The doctors gave her a Ventolin treatment along with a steroid dose and a second dose to take home.  They were very quick to assess her, and wouldn't let her leave till she was stable enough to go home.  However, the doctors were unable to give any reason for what happened, but referred Ryli to a specialist, who she has an appointment with on Thursday.
Yes, this was scary for both Ryli and myself.  I gave her the second steroid dose Friday morning as directed and she has been taking the inhaler that the doctor gave her as needed, which seems to help. 
Ryli is in good spirits now and anxious to know what caused this so she can get better, and get back to doing the things she loves.  Though, she will be taking it easy for a while or at least until we know exactly what triggered this.
I will post after her appointment with the specialist on Thursday, hopefully with some answers.....      
- Jennifer
June 13, 2013 Practice
Today I shot at 25 meters and shot 60 arrows before it started to downpour to the point where you couldn't see anything in front of you.  At least I got in a hour or so of practice :)

Me shooting in slow motion :)

Outdoor Training June 11th 2013
Now that Ryli is feeling a lot better, she's back to training.  She started back last Wednesday and yesterday was a full coaching session.  So now, she will be back to practicing everyday.  Ryli is up to shooting 6 arrows at a time with an average of 100 arrows each session.  Last night, she was shooting 10's, 9's and 8's.  Sue has got her pretty much straightened out and Ryli will continue to work on it.
A group shot of Dimitri Olsen, Ryli and Sue Olsen (Ryli's Coach)
Ryli warming up at 20 metres