Can't believe school starts back next week!!  I can actually say I'm excited :)  Have a lot planned for the next few months ahead including training for the Ontario Target Championships coming up on September 7th and 8th.

My 12th birthday is also coming up on September 11th and that's when I start campaigning for Canadian Archers For A Cause.  The shoot is usually in January, but since I raised over $2000.00 last year, I want to start getting sponsorship and donations earlier so I can beat it.  I don't have my long hair anymore to cut off and donate because that's what I did to raise money for the last shoot.  So this year, I'll have to come up with some creative ideas.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can raise more money for the shoot, please leave them in the comments.  You can also visit CAFAC website as well as my Facebook page Ryli's Shooting For A Cause for more info on the event.  The date hasn't been set yet for this year, but I will post it as soon as I know.
Here are a few photos from the Ontario Field Championships from last week. I finished with a total score of 838. I shot 431 for Field -Saturday and 407 for Hunter - Sunday. Didn't do as well as the first day, but I had a lot of fun :-) I really enjoy Field.
I've learned that it's ok to have off days and to admit to it. Everyone has them. And accepting it makes for great sportsmanship. I'm not perfect and it doesn't bother me that I show or post it. I'm still growing and learning. And having off days will never affect my spirit or my love for the sport. 
A couple of videos from tonight's practice.

Another great practice tonight. It was really windy and started to rain, but I wanted to stay to finish shooting. I shot 72 arrows and scored 260 out of 360 at 25m and 301 out of 360 at 20m. Need to practice in windy weather more so I'm prepared for shooting tournaments in those conditions.
Had a great Training Session with Coach Sue and her husband Jim last night. I have been at it all week preparing for the Ontario Field Championships. Going out again today :) Sue gave me some new exercises I can use with my bands. I work with them in the morning while standing in front of my mirror so I know I'm doing it right and this will also build muscle memory. So, when I go out in shoot, my body will mimic what I did earlier with my bands :) Starting to see improvement with my form because of this.