Had a great practice session with Sue last night. We worked on my form and release with no target so I could focus more.
A selfie I took of me and my arrows from one of my rounds.
Having video of me shooting is a great tool. I can look back at them to see where I need to improve and if I am doing things correctly.
 Here are some videos from Ryli's Practice :)

Had a great practice tonight! Got to shoot with Taylor Simmons :)
And guess what?  I got my new arrows!
Taylor totally photo bombing while mommy was taking a video :)
Think I'm in love ♥♡♥ 
 Love how my new arrows fly!!
My new babies :)
I'm so happy right now :)
1.  My EQAO testing results came in and I'm at level 3 with above average scores.  My best is writing, reading then math.
2.  Practices are going great. X's, 5's and 4's.  Averaging 270 out of 300 with IFAA 5 Ring Target face at 10m.  I also practiced at 18m tonight and was getting X's and 5's.  And mommy just ordered me new Easton Carbon 1100's with spinners :) Can't wait for them to come in!!

3.  Mom placed me on a list and patiently waiting to hear if I made training camp for the 2015 Canada Winter Games.  I really hope I get accepted to train :)