Had an awesome day today. It started off with my music teacher asking me to sing "Mary Did You Know" as a solo for our Christmas Mass.  I also get to sing a song with my 2 best friends Lauren and Jordana.  We will be singing "Shout To The Lord".

After school I went to the range to shoot for a bit. Coach Sue was there with her son Jordan. We had a "group off" he won. 

Archery Quote of the day - "Put your back in to it".  ~Coach Sue

Some video of Ryli's practice from last night.  It's a great tool to show her how she's doing with each shot.  Ryli had noticed right away that she was dropping her elbow when I showed her the videos and was quick to fix it by her next end. 

All in all, she had a great time due to Mark lending her his old stabilizer and sidebars to try out for a few months.  In her words,  "they will be mine".  She fell in love after her first shot.  And she noticed a difference right away in the stability of her bow.  

We will see how it goes with more practice and her indoor tournaments.  But needless to say that I will be seeing a certain purchase in my near future if Ryli has anything to say about it :)    ~Jennifer

My mom entered my photo in a contest so I can win a hand made quiver.  Please help me win by liking and sharing it.  It's on the Recurve Revival FaceBook page.
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Today I shot at 18 meters. I haven't shot at this distance for a while so it took some time for me to adjust. I also grew an inch in the last 3 months. I wonder if I will grow another inch by January :D

I had fun shooting today. I got to practice with the boys from the Nook, Mark and Jordan. They like to help me out and give me tips.  Mark even said that when I'm ready for a clicker,  he has an extra one that I can use.  He shoots Olympic Recurve like me and Jordan shoots Compound. They both are really good at Archery.

December 8th is The Glass Turkey. I'm going to practice as much as I can because there is a lot of candy and chocolate to be won I hear.  And I love candy and chocolate! 

One of my rounds from today shot from 18 meters 
Just got home from shooting an IFAA in Caledon ON. I finished with a total score of 266 beating the Ontario record and bringing home the Gold. The only thing is that they couldn't record my score for breaking it because it wasn't a championship tournament.

But that's ok :)

I am very happy with my shooting and had a great time today! I finally got to shoot along side kids my age and we all had the best time ever! Can't wait to do it again :)

My next shoot is the Glass Turkey in December. For that shoot we get to win chocolate and candy! The best prizes for sure! And the adults get to shoot for alcohol lol.  If you ask me,  us kids have it best!

I had a great year in PreCub and excited to move up and shoot Cub. Mom already has me registered for all indoor Championships and I might even try to get in some Mail Matches here in London and a couple of indoor FITA's too.

By April I should know if I get invited to train for the 2015 Canadian Winter Games. So shooting in as many competitions and championships will hopefully show I'm up for the challenge and dedicated to the sport.

I Am Archery ♡
Emilee and I shooting for gold :)