Some photos of my private lesson from yesterday.  

"I got this".

Started shooting at a 3 spot last night and I forgot my glasses.  I think I did OK :D  
Mommy has made up my practicing schedule.  I'm going to practice 3 times a week with a private lesson with coach Sue once a week. 
Also, Mark taught my mom how to fletch my arrows :D  Now she can replace my vanes when they get wrecked.  

One of my rounds from 18m 
Last night was my Christmas Pageant and our Family Advent Mass.  I sang Mary Did You Know and mom got it on video.  Here is me practicing right before.

Just finished up my last competition of the year as a PreCub.  Everyone had a great time. There were a few shootouts and lots of goodies to be won.

I came 1st and picked out a box of candy canes. My score was 560 out of 600.  It was a great end to a great year!

I'm excited for next year too.  First competition is first week of January and I'm going to training camp for the 2015 Canadian Winter Games :D starting in March.

Me with my winnings and my awesome score card.