Still waiting for one club to submit their scores for the final results.

So in the meantime, "May the odds be ever in your favor".

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Tomorrow is the last day of the IFAA Ontario Indoor Championships. Can't wait to see how many other Cubs there are.  Hope there are a lot of girls shooting this year :) It would be great if I place but if I don't, that is OK.  I was able to set a new Ontario Record, and it was my very first :) and that is good enough for me :)

I love shooting ♡.   Now that I have set my personal best for IFAA Indoor, I'm going to try and see if I can beat it next weekend at the club shoot, and so on till I move up to Cadet.  For me, the score to beat is my score from before and not someone else's.  That's how I shoot :)

Good luck to everyone who is shooting this weekend!  And, have fun!

Well, Ryli is sure off to a great start in Cub division.  She broke the IFAA Ontario Indoor record today at the Ontario IFAA Indoor Championships.  There are still a couple more clubs to do the shoot next weekend.  So, we should know by next Tuesday the final results and if Ryli's record will stand. 

Ryli shot 240 beating the previous record of 234 set back in 2008 at a distance of 18m/20yrds.

Next up for Ryli is an IFAA round, Ontario 10 Ring Championships and Canadian Archers Shooting For a Cause all in February.  On top of that, she will continue to practice 3 times a week with one practice each week dedicated to practicing for the Canadian Winter Games Training Camp. 

I'm extremely proud of Ryli and how dedicated she is.  Her hard work and the ability to have fun make a great combination.  And it sure pays off.  Her smile is proof of that :)  ~Jennifer

Happy New Year!

Ryli had been in BC for the past few weeks and just got back this Thursday.  She ended up being stuck there for a couple extra days due to the weather here in ON. 

Ryli had a great vacation and visit with her Aunt Jen.  Unfortunately, we couldn't send Ryli with her bow because we didn't have the proper case for it.  I had ordered one for her that was to be here by the time she left.  But, it ended up getting stuck in customs and didn't arrive in time.  So, Ryli practice every day with her bands to mimic her shooting and build that muscle memory.

Last night Ryli had her first practice since being back.  She was still a little jet lagged, but ended up shooting pretty well.  Sue had to work on her release with her, and by the end of her session, Ryli was back into the swing of things.

This is going to be a very busy year for Ryli.  She moves up a division and we have lots planned.  2015 Canadian Winter Games Training Camp, qualifying for the 2014 Ontario Summer Games, indoor and outdoor championships (field and target), FITA's, mail matches and possibly some 3D.  We're going to try and blog as much as we can and do a piece on her equipment as per request :) 

Ryli has even shown an interest in participating in the Ontario vs Quebec challenge after seeing a video of fellow Ontario archers, Crispin Duenas and Vanessa Lee perfectly execute one of the challenges.  It's all in good archery fun :) and you should all check it out on YouTube.  Maybe, in the future, you will see Ryli excepting and performing a challenge too ;)

First session back from vacation. 

Ryli's new bow case.