Tonight was a little rough. Ryli's form was good, but her arrows were still going to the right.  This has been an issue for a couple of weeks since the 10 Ring Championships and has been really frustrating for Ryli.

She started tonight off with shooting a 300 at 10 m on a 3 spot for the mail match.  She shot 255.  Not bad.  But her shots were to the right. 

She adjusted her sight and moved to a 40 cm to practice on for the Canadian Indoor Championships. Things started to get worse and we were trying to figure out what was going on.  It wasn't till about the 3rd time she made adjustments, that I called in Mark to take a look at Ryli and see if he could help. 

Mark said her form and release were great and then took a look at her bow.  Turns out that it was her plunger.  Her plunger was way off and loose.

Poor Ryli has been beating herself up not understanding why she hasn't been shooting at par.  And me feeling bad because I had no clue as how to help her.  And all along, it was mechanical.

She feels so much better now and ready to shoot tomorrow at the Canadian Indoor Championships.


I shot a few videos, but only going to post one since the other videos had others shooting in the background and we were only using them as a tool.

She still needs to work on tipping towards the target.  But, as you can see, she has come a long way since she started. 
It's Wednesday, which means that the range is closed. Which means that it's work on my release with my bands day.

I haven't been focusing on my release lately, and it has shown in my shooting.

My mom took video of me in slow motion so I could see what I was doing.  She pointed out my shadow and how I wasn't tipping forward.  I fixed myself and mom took another video.

Here are both videos.  Tomorrow, I will work on it with my bow. 



So, at last night's practice, I was able to learn a bit.  Going from a smaller target to a larger target does and can throw you off.  Ryli now, will be shooting on a 40 cm target for competitions and still continue to practice on a 3 spot till she is ready to shoot on one at a tournament.  We came up with a plan to divide her practices in 2 so she gets equal time on both since she will have to shoot a 3 spot at the Canadian Winter Games training camp.

We also made some adjustments with her shooting and equipment.  I had the limbs on her bow turned down so she can hold it longer when drawing back.  This way, she can take the time to focus on her release and form.  Ryli came up with the idea of counting to 2 and releasing on 3 once she's sighted in and ready.  This also keeps her from moving her bow mid release and dropping it.  While she worked on it, not once did she drop her bow.  And for Ryli, that's amazing since she's known to drop her bow at least once every couple ends.


I just received the 2014 OAA book.  We have gone through it together and highlighted all the tournaments she wants to compete in.  I think for the summer months, instead of her shooting the 1440, she will shoot the Canadian 900.  Only because this is her first year in Cub division and the shooting distances are a lot farther than what she was shooting at last year.  Also, instead of shooting both days, she will only be shooting the one day.  Ryli is still young and has plenty of time to shoot the 1440 when she's older.  Right now, we're just focusing on her form and release and when she's ready, we will up the draw weight in her bow so she is able to shoot the longer distances. 

This year, there are more Field events.  Ryli loves shooting field.  It's combines her two favourite things, hiking in the woods and archery :)
Ryli had a very busy weekend.  She shot the Colby Classic - Canadian Archers for A Cause on Saturday.  Then, she shot the Ontario 10 Ring Championships on the Sunday.

Ryli did well on the Saturday.  She had lots of fun.  Her favourite part of the day was shooting alongside Crispin Duenas and watching the shoot-off'.

On Sunday, Ryli was very tired, but still wanted to shoot.  She didn't break 500, but did well considering.  It was a more mellow kind of day for her.  She didn't place, and it didn't bother her.  She just likes to shoot.  And, if she's happy, I'm happy.

So, after a long weekend of shooting, Ryli was looking forward to having a swim and sit in the hot tub for a bit, but we got stuck on the 401 coming home from the tournament.  It took us over 6 hours to get home, when it usually is only a 2 hour drive. By the time we did get home, she was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed.
Ryli watching the men's shoot off at the Colby Classic

Next up for Ryli is the Canadian Indoor Championships and the 2015 Canadian Winter Games Training Camp.  Both are next weekend, so she has a little less than 2 weeks to prepare.  She shoots the Championships on the Friday in Toronto and the Training Camp is on the Sunday in Kitchener.  This will give her the Saturday off to relax which is probably a good thing.

Christopher Perkins and Crispin Duenas in the final shoot-out.

Ryli has come to the conclusion that shooting at the 60 cm face at 18 m throws her off.  I myself, don't really understand.  You'd think the bigger the target, the better.  But, I guess she's used to shooting at the 40 cm and 3 spots now.  We will have to look at the rule book to see if she can switch to a 40 cm face for the 10 Ring next year.  And, I'm going to look into what target she needs for the Canadian Championships and see if she could switch it out for a 40 cm if it's a 60 cm face that's required.

Top Women shooters at the Colby Classic

Ryli had her first practice last night since being sick.  She did pretty well.  Shot 60 arrows on a 40 cm target face at 18 m.  She got tired towards the end, but finished with a smile and a Timbit. 
She's starting to recognise and call the cause of her shots.  When she drops her bow, the arrows are bottom left.  When she hits her arm, the arrows are top right.  When she doesn't use her back, the arrows are center left.  When her arrows are centre low, she's getting tired.  When her arrows are all over the place, she's not focusing or following through on her steps.  So the challenge now is, to prevent. 
I know she'll get it, and she understands it takes time and practice to get it.  Ryli is only 12 yrs and has been shooting now for only a year.  Archery is her passion and that's what keeps her going.  She sets goals and works hard to achieve them.  Ryli doesn't get discouraged if things don't go the way she wants.  She turns it around to a positive learning experience and moves on. 
It's amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind, heart, body and soul into it.  Do what YOU love, be who YOU want to be.  It's what makes you, YOU.  Ryli is Ryli, and I wouldn't expect or want her to be any other way.

Today I shot an IFAA indoor club round.  Not my best shooting because I've been sick, but I wanted to go.  I had blood work done and they took it from my right arm which made it really hard to shoot.  It was fine when I started, but got really sore by the second half.  It also didn't help that I forgot my glasses in my school bag at home either.
Good news, my feet and legs didn't feel sore.  Mom got me gel insoles and they work great!

Starting on Tuesday, I'm going to start a log.  I'm going to keep track of what I do during my practices and set goals for each competition and tournament I'm in.  I'm also going to keep track of any training I do outside of the range like when I use my bands and stretching exercises.  I got the idea from my friend Archer Addy from the USA :D

Today was a good day.  I was happy that I got to shoot and made 2 more friends.  I even got to shoot along side Erin and Cathy again. 

My next competition is the Canadian Archers For a Cause :D

Ryli hasn't been feeling all that well this week, so she has been home working with her bands instead of practicing at the range.  She is a little upset that I kept her home this afternoon.   She really wants to shoot. 
Maybe tomorrow if she's improved, I will take her to the range to see how she does.  Her heart is set on competing on Sunday in Caledon.   So, we'll see.

The preliminary results are posted for the Ontario IFAA Indoor Championships and Ryli placed 2nd getting Silver!! Woot Woot!  When I told her, she was extremely excited and happy!   She broke a record and placed in her first tournament as a Cub!  And, most important, had fun and made some new friends :)

If Ryli isn't well enough to shoot on Sunday, she still has the Canadian Archers For a Cause on the 15th and the Ontario 10 Ring Championships on the 16th.  And plenty of time to practice for both.

Ryli is still trying to get people to sponsor her for the CAFAC shoot.  If you or anyone you know would like to donate, sponsor or pledge a certain amount,  please check out Ryli's Shooting for a Cause Facebook page for details on how you can help.  And don't forget to check out the photos from last year's event. 

Very proud of Ryli and how dedicated she is.  Goes to show you that hard work, loving what you do and having fun, make a for a great combination.

~ Jennifer