So yesterday was the end of the indoor season.  It was MICA, battle of the Americas.  Ryli did pretty well considering she hit a small rough patch.  Thankfully, her coach was there to help out.

One of the new changes for Ryli is that yes, we have a new coach.  Shawn Riggs.  He is a recurve specialist who competes himself.  Ryli has only had one session with him, and yesterday was the second time she had met with him.  He observed her for a bit, talked to her during break, and asked her some questions.  He watched her shoot a couple more ends, and figured out the issue.  Fixed it and she was back in the game.

Shawn had given Ryli four things to work on since their first session.  Grip, foot position, body position towards the target, and left shoulder positioning.  Plus, he has her moving her arrow count up gradually during practices.  So far, so good.  Ryli is a great listener and is eager to learn and improve.

What Shawn noticed yesterday, was that Ryli was forcing her elbow down before her release.  This can cause injury in the future as we learned from Shawn and another coach. As well, it changes her anchor point each time she forces it down.  If it's natural for her elbow to be a bit higher, than we let it be.  We are all built differently and what comes natural to us, may not seem so perfect to some others.  We would only be forcing her joints to move where they don't belong and cause injury and put strain on her body.  Shawn will be working on this with Ryli further at their next session.  He simply told her for now, "just shoot how it feels natural".  She did, and her shots were all consistent, grouped and mostly in the yellow and red :)

Ryli's next session with Shawn is in April as he is leaving for a competition in Arizona.  Plus, he is in Kitchener and we are in London.  So, only once a month will she have a one on one coaching session in Kitchener at Colby and continue to shoot 3 times a week here in London at the Archer's Nook.

There will also be some equipment changes for Ryli as she will be starting to shoot with shorter limbs till she's fully grown, then she will change back to mediums.  She will also see a clicker in her near future :)

Ryli after her talk with Shawn.  She felt so much better mentally and physically.

 Ryli happy with her shooting.  She shot her personal best by beating last years score by 150 points!!

Scoring the last end of the indoor season.
Results are in for the Ontario 10 Ring Championships and Canadian Indoor Championships.  There was a much better turnout with both compared to the IFAA Championships. 

Ryli's Results for all 3 Championships:

Ontario IFAA Indoor - 2nd / 4
Ontario 10 Ring - 6th / 11
Canadian Nationals - 9th / 17

Very proud of Ryli with her first year in Cub division.  She has 3 years to go in Cub so lots of time to grow and improve.

She is happy where she's at considering she had shot another competition the day before 10 Ring, and then was sick when she shot Nationals.  Though Ryli could of come in last and she'd still be happy.  To her, it's all about being able to shoot.  Doing what she loves.

She has one more indoor tournament which is an international.  So, she'll be shooting as Cadet.  There is no PreCub or Cub division. 


2 more months and it's outdoor season!  Field is her favorite event, and this year, there are 4 field tournaments plus the Ontario Field Championships.  Ryli can't wait!  
Ryli had a great time at the Canada Winter Games Training Camp yesterday.  She learned how shoot 2 different rounds that are shot at the games.

During the first half of the camp, Ryli had a small asthma attack which she took her inhaler for and sat out for a bit.  She still has had a bit of a cough which probably brought it on.  Downfall to taking Ventolin is getting the shakes after.  Not so good when you've got a bow in your hand.  But, they did go away after about 20 minutes.  Just in time for lunch ;)

The second half, they shot a 600 round on the 3 spots which will qualify them for final trials held in April.  Ryli did well for shooting on a 3 spot for the first time competing on one.  She remained consistent with her shots mostly throughout.  There were a few moments when she lost her concentration and ended up missing on a few of them, but, she regained herself and continued on.

Being a parent on the sidelines, it's hard watching them get frustrated and seeing them beat themselves up over bad shots.  And at Ryli's age, it's even harder.  She was shooting with teenagers and young adults who are in high school and college and who all have more experience under their belts.  But, watching the older kids, how they reacted and just let their bad shots go as if they didn't even existed, helped Ryli in a big way.  She learned to only focus on the shot at hand, and not the one that just passed.  She learned it's OK to have those bad shots.  Everyone gets them and moves on.  So, after the intermission, Ryli regained herself.  Yes, she had a few more of those bad shots, but this time, she didn't let them get to her.  Once she relaxed and just shot, she gained her confidence back and ended up being very pleased with herself and overall shooting.

Ryli got a lot out of this training camp.  That's what it was for.  To prepare her, as a child, for future shoots and what to expect.  She went for the experience and to learn.  And, came out with even more.

I can't say it enough about how proud I am of her.  Doing what she loves, keeping at it and having fun.

Just got home from the Canadian Indoor Championships.  Ryli shot 468.  Pretty good considering she had a fever and a bit of a cough.  Leave it to Ryli to not tell me that she's not feeling well, just so she can shoot.  

Ryli has always been like that.  Scared she's going to miss out on something, so she won't say a word till you notice it and ask her at least 10 times if she's Ok.

She continued to shoot even though I was a little hesitant.  But, she was having fun and didn't want to stop.  I told her to take it easy and not push herself.  Just shoot.  And that's all she wanted.  Was just to shoot.

So here is a video below of one of her first ends.  If you look at her elbow, you can see that there is no effort in her release.  That's when I noticed that there was something going on and she wasn't telling me the truth when I asked her if she wasn't feeling well. 

On the way home, Ryli told me she's worried that she might not be well enough to shoot at the Canadian Winter Games Training Camp on Sunday.  I said to her that we will wait and see and not to worry about it right now. 

I gave her some Tylenol for her fever and now she's fast asleep.  Probably dreaming of X's ;)