I had another awesome weekend with my mom!! We went to Faery Fest on the Saturday night and camped there.  We took our dog Odie, and it was his first time camping.  He slept all the way home and all day Monday because he had so much fun.  On the Sunday we attended the festival and got to see lots of acts and shopped at the vendors there.  

On Monday, I performed for the grade 8's at their graduation.  My mom videoed it.  It's below after the pictures from Faery Fest.

Me singing "Friends" at Grade 8 Grad last night.

I had a lot of fun at the Oxford Renaissance Festival yesterday.  I got to show off my archery skills and promote the sport.  I met a lot of great people and made friends with a snake. 

My mom finally got a Cu Dubh CD and we listened to it on the way home, twice! 

Here are some pictures that my mom took.

Me shooting bare-bow from about 30m

Me with my best friend from Hamilton Ball Pythons

Best Time EVER!! :)

Today I shot the Canadian T2S for the first time.  My scores were, at 35m - 222/300, at 30m - 228/300 and at 25m - 270/300 with a total score of 712/900.  Today was for rankings only.  The Canadian T2S was just introduced last year, and is only shot as a club round.  You can find out more about it on the Archery Canada website. 

My coach Shawn, shot the FITA 1440 round for ranking and some of my fellow archers shot the Canadian 900.  I was the only one who shot the T2S.  

After I was done shooting, I went to the back range and shot at 50 yards.  So, now that I know I can shoot it, I'm going to shoot the Canadian 900 next :)  

Video of one of my ends from a distance of 30m.