Completed the 4 for 20 Challenge and got Gold.  Even though I was the only one in my category who competed, I still shot 2 personal bests and scored a perfect end with 4 X's at 30 yards.

Photo was taken by one of the men in my group.  This was his status lol.
He let my mom share the photo.

4 for 20 Challenge at YCB

3rd Leg of the 4 for 20 Challenge at York County Bowmen.  This is by far my favorite course. I shot another personal best for Field 495/560

 Robbie shooting from the top of one of the many steep inclines we had to shoot from.  This course is amazing with so many different obstacles.  LOVE IT!!!

   This is what the boys call "The Dutchmen 20"  We all got a perfect score :)

This was our first target of the course.  The boys shot from the top, and I shot midway.  It was so steep, they had a rope for us to hold as we climbed down.  Try doing this with a recurve bow.

Both Arden and Justin shooting from 70m.  This was another hard target.  All our arrows were to the left lol
 Ghost perhaps? 

Check out Arden's arrow.  My mom caught it off the release!!

This was the last end of the course.  Even a more steeper incline as the first.  Once again, the boys got to shoot from the top where I had to shoot midway.  Thankfully, there were 2 ways to get there, an easy way and a hard way.  Justin took the hard way while me, Robbie and Arden took the easy way lol.