I had a coaching session with Shawn on Saturday.  Instead of stopping when pulling back, I now slow it down and pull the whole way through.  Shawn got me a new finger tab to help me out.  I was only using 2 fingers to pull the string, but now with my new finger tab, I'm using 3 equally.   We also worked on my back tension.  He still has me alternating from open hand grip to a relaxed grip.  I'm really starting to notice a difference and not moving my bow as much as before.

Video from tonight's practice. 

Hanging out with Farrah, service dog in training :) before my session with Shawn on Saturday.


Photos from me practicing tonight.  I started with a smaller target, but mom had me change to a 60cm face because my first indoor competition is on the 60 cm.   Maybe on Friday, I will do a scoring round on it. 

Here is a video of Ryli working on her release from last night's practice.  Bit of improvement there and she's really starting to get it now.  Still not liking the clicker though, and has mentioned quite a few times that she can't wait for it to come off when outdoor season starts back up for field.  Her arrow count is getting up there per practice.  She's at 124 now.

Ryli's last end of the night.  The closest she's been since she started with the clicker. 3 Arrows for each End at 18 m on a 40 cm Target Face. 
It's been 3 weeks with the clicker now. Still don't like it, but I am improving.  I get tired a lot faster since the clicker.  Shawn has be doing core strength exercises to build my core up which will hopefully take out the arch in my back when I shoot.  Mom has even mentioned tying me to a board on more than one occasion lol. Sorry Mom, not going to happen ;)

Another thing that Shawn has me doing, is shooting open hand.  I did it for the last 300 arrows, and now alternating between open hand and relax grip.  This is helping me from lifting my bow when I shoot, because I was dropping it a lot which made my shots really low and off.  So, I started lifting it because I didn't want to drop it. If that makes any sense. And, when I was lifting it, my shots were high and off.  But, not all the time. It was very frustrating for me.  But, now, I'm not doing it anymore.  So, this is working for me :)

I'm also working on my hips and making sure that they are straight and inline.  Once in awhile, I will hear my mom yell "hips" lol.  I'm starting to make sure I am positioned well and make my adjustments before I raise my bow.  That way there is less movement effecting my shot.

I'm back to shooting 3 times a week inside.  My first indoor competition is the Glass Turkey.  We get to win candy and chocolate!! Can't wait!! :)

This is from last weeks practice.  I finally got my shirt from Stephen Amell's Campaign :)

This is a video from Monday's practice.  Mom takes these and sends them to Shawn for feedback.  I'm still only able to see him once a month because we live in a different city.  Here, I'm shooting open handed grip, but you can't tell because of my finger sling.  I've been working on my follow through since I saw this, with my new band.  It looks a lot better than this.  Hopefully I can follow through with it tonight at practice :)  
I will get this :)