Stephen Amell Accepted my Challenge

Had a great practice tonight.  It was a little hard to focus since I learned that Stephen Amell accepted my challenge, but I came through and shot another PB :)  Chris fixed my bow string.  The nocks were sliding, so he added more string to it at my nock point.  

check out how tight those 3 arrows are :)

My cluster analysis from the half round I shot tonight :) I scored 132/150 another PB!! :)

He accepted!! :) :) :) :) 

December 14, 2014

Today was a great day.  I worked on my release and shot a half IFAA and a full one.  My total arrow count was 155.  I'm still using an open handed grip, and Shawn had me working on my shoulder positioning on Saturday, which I'm continuing to work on. 

Me having some fun while shooting :) 

Videos of me working on my release after my session with Shawn.

Our Plank-Off with Shawn.  He won :) I lasted 1.5 minutes.

My cluster analysis from today's practice.  I shot a 252/300. PB :)
Home sick, so I thought I would update Ryli's blog :)  Ryli shot the Glass Turkey yesterday and came first in Women's Cub Recurve.  Sorry, but I don't have any photos of her shooting because I wasn't feeling all that well, and there were over 50 archers participating with 3 lines.  Didn't want to get into anyone's way ;) She ended up with a score of 454/540 on a 40cm target face, shooting Chicago round.  The other Cubs and PreCubs shooting at a 60cm target face.

She was really excited to have other girls her age to shoot with and can't wait to shoot with them again :)  Hopefully they will come out to all the tournaments, and even try field!!

She has a indoor IFAA 5 ring next in preparations for the Ontario Championships.  Her favorite target to shoot on :) She broke the record last year, so it will be nice to see how she does this year.  Specially since now, she's on the clicker.  Which, by the way, she still doesn't like.

Ryli participating in the Shoot Off after the tournament.