I'm very excited to announce that I'm now a team member of Team AZU Prostaff :)

I use this app all the time.  During practices and tournaments.  My mom will use it to send my coach Shawn, my analysis from a round and Shawn will send back feedback for me to use to help me improve.  It's not just a scoring app, it's also a great tool that breaks down your shots in each end and so much more!

Tonight, I continued working on my technique.  I taped up my sight pin so I wouldn't focus on where I wanted my arrows to go, but focus more on my back.  I'm also not shooting at a target to help me focus more on my technique.

Today, I shot a FITA and scored 516/600, with my first half being a nice 263/300.  During my second half, I got a few arrows in the blue from lifting my bow, and I got a little upset from it.  Because of that, my arrows grew farther apart from each other, each end.  So, I decided to brighten my mood and not focus on the score, but on my form.  And, I started grouping once again.

I know now, that if I keep confident and shake off the bad arrows, I will end up doing better, feeling better and get that PB!! :)

Final tournament results haven't been posted yet, but overall, it was a great and productive day, and I'm happy with my results :)

Next Sunday, MICA!! :)

It's been a while since we've posted anything.  Most in part to Ryli being busy with indoor tournaments and preparing for high school.

I would like to start off by congratulating Ryli with coming 1st in both Ontario IFAA Indoor Championships and Ontario 10 Ring Championships.  And, taking 3rd in the Canadian Indoor Championships. She's been working really hard and it's paying off :)

Ryli has 2 more indoor events to shoot, one being MICA - Battle of the Americas.  Then, come April, she will be taking the whole month to focus on technique.  If her coach Shawn allows it, maybe we will post some videos of their training sessions.

Outdoor season starts in May and Ryli can't wait. She will be competing in the 4 for 20 Challenge again, and plans on shooting at Junior Challenge.  We will also be travelling up north a bit for the Ontario Target Championships outside of Peterborough, and she also wants to shoot the Ontario Field Championships which are in Lambton - Kent.

Ryli still continues to practice 3 times a week, shooting 150 arrows each practice.  We still travel to Kitchener so she can train with Shawn, which is about twice a month now.

I can't express how proud I am of Ryli and her dedication to the sport.  You can definitely tell by the photos how much she has improved.  And, if you check out her Scores and Stats page, you can see the difference in scores each year.

 Ryli shooting at the Canadian Indoor Championships