Ryli started practicing outdoors this week.  She's been having some trouble with blurriness when wearing her glasses.  She's been having to wear them on an on going basis lately.  Where as last year, she didn't have to wear them all the time, and she could see the target fine without them.  But now, she's shooting at longer distances for outdoors and needs to wear them in order to see.  Her coach suggested changing her head position, but keeping her string to her nose and finger tab touching under her chin.  She tried it today, and only had a couple of blurry moments.  

I'm taking her to the eye doctor on Friday.  Ryli wants to try out contacts, and I think that in this situation, it would be best.  I started wearing contacts when I needed my glasses more, and having contacts works so much better when playing sports.  So, we will see how it goes. 

Ryli has a FITA on Saturday which she will be shooting two 720 rounds.  These scores will be submitted to the OAA for team selection for Canadian Outdoor Nationals.  Then on Sunday, Ryli shoots the first leg of the 4 for 20 Challenge. 

Photos are of Ryli shooting from a distance of 50 meters. 

Another great practice tonight!! I shot 220 arrows shooting 10 arrows per end.  I was lucky enough to have the whole range to myself to practice :)  I'm continuing to work on my elbow positioning and strengthening my core to reduce the arch in my back. 

I shoot my first outdoor Target on May 16th, and I shoot my first outdoor Field on the 17th. Going to try and get to an outdoor range for the rest of the week to get sighted in for my distances.  It's going to be a very busy Summer!! :)