Shot 2 double 720's on the weekend. Had so much fun.  I shot 2 personal bests!! Which I'm so happy about :)  It was extremely hot and sunny as you can see, I came prepared with my big umbrella and used it when we walked down to score.  Got show how I use the ArcherZUpShot app to my fellow archers :) If you don't have it yet, you should get it!!  

Junior Challenge was a lot of fun! All the kids there were around my age so we all got along perfectly. I did end up missing a few times, mostly at 55m. I also had made a deal with Melissa that if I didn't miss at all, I would've gotten lots of GUMMY BEARS!!! But, if I did miss I would have to do 10 crunches and 1 minute of planking. I ended up missing (oops) and after I had to do the crunches and the planking.

On the first day I ended with a score of 610 and ended on the second day with a 629! For my total score I got 1239. Even though I had some misses, I think I did well for Junior Challenge. But the most important thing is that I had lots of FUN!