Shooting Nationals was a lot of fun. I met lots of people from all over Canada! The first day of target was really nice :) Not too hot, not too cold and barely any wind. The second day was really windy! But, I still managed to be consistent and only dropped one point from the first day. 

After Nationals, I started a new training program.  I'm at the gym every other day working on strength and core.  I'm still shooting 3 times a week, working on technique at the indoor range. No clicker while I'm working on my form and technique. So far it's going great!! I have to shoot at different spots on the target butt because I'm hitting my arrows a lot more.  I'm now going to see Shawn every week for coaching sessions. I also have massage therapy every other week on my back and shoulders.  My mom is also looking for a personal trainer to help me with a proper diet and exercise program that's geared toward my archery training.  
The goal....... 

Tokyo 2020

 Team Ontario!!

 Field Practice at Nationals

2 Gold for Target and Field 
2015 Canadian National Championships