Had a very tiring weekend. On Saturday I had my birthday surprise from my mom! I went trap shooting and had lots of fun! After that, I shot my bow at the outdoor range in the afternoon. Then on Sunday, I had my personal training session. It was tiring, but fun :)

I've been training hard, staying focused, and really paying attention to what Shawn is teaching me. We've been working on keeping my back straight and shoulder positioning. So, no target or aiming for a couple of months. I'll be ready for indoor season as a Cadet in January!

Lee is my personal trainer, and I have been working with him for the past couple of weeks to get my strength up so I am able to up my bow weight and will be able to shoot the longer Cadet distances come Spring/Summer 2016. We're also working on my core, which will help with my back.

Next, we'll be setting up sessions with a sports psychologist to continue my progress.

I feel really good about my technique. I get chills when I do everything right. It's an awesome feeling!! :)

Right now, my schedule is:
Archery Practice - 3 times a week
Archery Training with Shawn - 1 time a week
Personal Training with Lee - 1 time a week
Working Out and Physical Activity - 5 times a week

 Trap Shooting. I was able to hit 4 discs :)

 Focusing on keeping my back straight and using my core.

My personal trainer Lee, working with me to succeed.

You can check out my Facebook page for more photos from the weekend :)