I've had a busy last few months with working on my technique, personal training sessions with Lee and starting sessions with my Sports Physiologist, Maddison.  And, can't forget starting high school.

Just last week, I started back shooting on a target and it felt great to finally put everything all together. I shot 200 arrows in 2 hours for Children's Hospital of Southern Ontario and raised $349.00!!!  And this week, I shoot my last competition as a Cub at the Glass Turkey. It's one of my favourite competitions :)

Yesterday, I was able to join in a group session with the intermediate class with Shawn. It was my second time joining them and I really enjoy it.  I also stayed for a private lesson after, and shot a total of 317 arrows.

My schedule for competition weeks differ from my regular weeks. I'm only shooting 3 times this week, have only one personal training session, and still have one session with Maddison.

I have made some progress and continuing to do so day by day :)

Training hard, and having fun!! Tokyo 2020, here I come!!

My personal training session from last Thursday.

 Photo-bombed by Chris

 The end of my 200 Arrows in 2 Hours Challenge. The children in the hospital made my targets for the day :) 

Photo of me after one of my training exercises with the medicine ball. It weighs 8lbs.  Try throwing that around and catching it for a while lol ;) But, I am getting better at it!!