July 16, 2016

So far my summer has been going pretty good. I have been shooting double 720's for Canadian Ranking/Scoring and have been to another TOP Training Camp session in Caledon. 

At TOP, I got to work with Coach Dick Tone. He helped me with my hand positioning with keeping them in sync with each other. He also helped me with my back and shoulders. It's now easier for me to pull back.  Our next TOP camp is in Salt Lake City, UT next month. Can't wait to learn more and shoot with Canada's top athletes :) 

 Got some practice in after the JP2 OneRun.
Working on my form and technique from what Dick Tone taught me. 
Videos were shot of me inside shooting from 5 yards. We've had heat warnings the past week, so mom has had me practice inside.

One of the training exercises Dick Tone had us try out at the TOP camp in Caledon.

Paul, my personal trainer, has me doing these planks to help build up my core strength and back. I do these every morning after I wake up and at night before I go to bed. 

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