Keeping it Together In between Ends

Look at what I got on the weekend! :) 
I will be taking this with me to Nationals this week, for sure! 

Some people like to listen to music when they step off the line at a competition and some like to socialize. Me, I like to read. This is one of the many books I have at home and I have found that reading helps me to relax during a competition or tournament. After I’m finished shooting my arrows, I walk off the line, grab my book and read as much as I can, knowing that it’s too great of a book to put down. 

I have tried other methods, like listening to music, socializing with friends, and playing games on my phone. But, reading is what does it for me. You want to know how? Every time I have stepped off the line, and read a book in between ends, I have shot a PB :) 

You can try any of these methods to see what works for you, if you haven't done so already. It keeps your mind at ease and helps you to relax instead of worrying and stressing out about how other archers are doing, your scores, your performance and so on....

Don't forget, archery is 10% physical and 90% mental. 

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