Good Morning! It's exam time. So I've been busy studying on top of my regular routine. Thankfully, I only have two exams to write next week :)

I had a great practice session with Shawn on Saturday. We worked on string alignment, and worked on keeping my shoulder blade moving back through my clicker. We're really starting to see an improvement with my shooting and strength.

I have a personal training session with Lee on Thursday, where we're going to be working more on balance. I've been putting most of my weight on my left leg, but trying to evenly distribute my weight to both legs. Shawn says yoga will help with this too. I'm going to add the BODYFLOW class to my weekly routine, at GoodLife on Tuesdays.

I'm really enjoying my sessions with Maddy, my sport's physiologist. We meet on Mondays and are currently working on how to deal with the pressures of shooting in competition.  There's been a 20 - 30 point difference when scoring in practice compared to scoring in competition. So looking forward to not having that gap, and keeping my shooting consistent :) She's also encouraged me to keep a planner along with my archery journal, to help me keep organized with my day to day activities.

This Sunday, is IFAA Ontario Indoor Championships. My first major shoot in Cadet division. Maddy is coming with us so she can see how our competitions work, how I perform during, and most important, to cheer me on.  Lee also plans on coming up to one of my competitions as well :)   I love my support team, and how they are really involved in my journey and progression of not only the sport, but my life :)

FIRST ENTRY OF 2016!!!!! 


Thought I would share what I'll be working on for the year.

  1. My schedule:   Shoot 4 times a week with 1 training session with Shawn. 1 Personal Training session with Lee a week, 1 session a week with my sports psychologist, Maddison, and going to the gym 3 - 4 times a week. 
  2. This Wednesday, we're finally turning the weight up so that I can shoot at cadet distances for the summer.
  3. Setting goals for new personal bests at competitions
  4. Start training for outdoor season at 60 meters in March (indoor range in Toronto)

Next up on my competition schedule, is the Ontario IFAA Indoor Championships on the 24th.  Once we get closer to the date, I will set up a goal for me to shoot for.  And, depending on how I shoot, I might go to the NFAA Indoor Nationals in Kentucky this March. 


As of January, 2016 I'm a brand ambassador for Pilla Sport Canada. I'm so excited and grateful for this opportunity.  They have a great product, and I wear their lenses for indoor and outdoor when shooting at the 10 ring.  If you haven't had a chance to take a look at the variety of lenses, I suggest you do :) And if you're at a competition or trade show, stop in at the Pilla booth, you'll want to go try out a pair for yourself! You can check out their website in my Links List to the left. 

Pilla Press release via Facebook

A recent photo my mother took of me during practice. World Archery shared it :) It's my favourite photo of me shooting yet!! FYI, I'm wearing my Pilla Panther X7A's with 76HC lenses :)

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