Ryli's had a very busy indoor season and with it being her first year of high school, we've been balancing her schedule to benefit her. So far, so good :) Only a few changes made.  She has a new personal trainer now (We had to switch, because of scheduling), range time is down to 3 times a week, and we've added some at home blind bailing once a week.  And, she has added social time to hang out with her friends and participate in after-school clubs. She's a teenage girl, and deserves to be a teenage girl.    

Indoor season isn't quite finished yet. Ryli still has high school competitions for the month of April. Then, it's right into outdoor season starting in May.  April is going to be another busy month for us. She'll be starting to train for outdoors and getting sighted in on the Cadet distances for both Field and Target, while practicing and preparing for OFSAA and school competitions which are indoor events. 

Just this past weekend, we were in Louisville, KY at the NFAA Indoor Nationals. Ryli got her first glimpse of a large scaled archery tournament.  It was a bit overwhelming at first, but she overcame, and not only shot a personal best, she also managed to place 8th in her division.  She has definitely proven that she can be on top of her mental game as well physical. Very proud of her!!!

While there, Ryli also raised some money for Stand for the Silent. For those who pledged $$ for X's, she shot 19 X's.  All payments can be made through the Stand for the Silent website. We want to thank everyone who supported her through this, and it looks like it might become a tradition every year!

Today we are off to Toronto.  Ryli's going to be getting sighted in for her long distances at the indoor range at Peel Archery Club.  Hopefully, we can get her there a few times before she starts competing outdoors.  Ontario Summer games are this year, so there will be lots of prep for Ryli to get those distances. Once the weather is nice, it will be easier because Ryli has a few local choices to shoot at. But for now, we are Toronto bound! 

Some photos from the NFAA US Indoor Nationals