Stuff Happens

I was so excited to go to Utah for the TOP training camp a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I never made it. I only made it to the airport. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I couldn't fly out. This made me upset, and very disappointed.  I wanted to be with my teammates and have the best training experience.

I had given up competing at Ontario Summer Games for this. And now, I wasn't doing anything.  I had a choice to make.  Sit, and feel sorry for myself, or realize stuff happens, and I just have to learn how to deal with it, and keep going. I choose to keep going. My mom set up a session with my sports psychologist that weekend, and I went to the range and shot. I pushed myself, and shot over 300 arrows. Soon, the loss of not being at the training camp was out of my head.

Having a sports psychologist to help me in situations like this, means everything to me. You never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball. Remember, archery is 90% mental. And, Maddy makes it very easy for me to talk to her.

I also have an amazing support team in my coaches. Marc stayed in touch with us the whole time, and Shawn scheduled a coaching session. It was one of the best coaching sessions I have had to date. He even brought back an Easton shooter shirt for me :)

If anything, this experience has made me stronger and more determined. I have been training almost every day, and have even started shooting at 70 meters at Shawn's request. There are only a few more outdoor tournaments left, then it's indoor season. Can't wait!! :) Because I have new shiny bow waiting to be set up and shot.

Never give up. If something doesn't go as plan, learn and grow from it. Stay strong!!

Getting back to work at the range :) 

Practice was short tonight due to a thunderstorm 30 mins after I started.  We've had a lot of bad weather these past couple of weeks. A lot of thunder storms and tornado warnings.

Keeping it Together In between Ends

Look at what I got on the weekend! :) 
I will be taking this with me to Nationals this week, for sure! 

Some people like to listen to music when they step off the line at a competition and some like to socialize. Me, I like to read. This is one of the many books I have at home and I have found that reading helps me to relax during a competition or tournament. After I’m finished shooting my arrows, I walk off the line, grab my book and read as much as I can, knowing that it’s too great of a book to put down. 

I have tried other methods, like listening to music, socializing with friends, and playing games on my phone. But, reading is what does it for me. You want to know how? Every time I have stepped off the line, and read a book in between ends, I have shot a PB :) 

You can try any of these methods to see what works for you, if you haven't done so already. It keeps your mind at ease and helps you to relax instead of worrying and stressing out about how other archers are doing, your scores, your performance and so on....

Don't forget, archery is 10% physical and 90% mental.