End of Season....New Tradition

We just wrapped up our outdoor season this past weekend with the Grand River Showdown. It was my first time competing in this tournament, and I almost didn't because it is shot at 70 meters. But, my coach said it's a fun shoot to end off the season and said that I was capable of shooting at 70 m.

I'm so happy that I registered :) I had the best time!! First day was a double 720 which I shot at 60 m. The weather wasn't very cooperative, however, most of us stuck it out for the 2nd 720. The rain came down harder, and the wind got stronger by the afternoon. Few of us shot well. We were all soaked. Tents had to be secured, and umbrellas were blowing around, but we did it. We stuck it out. And, having your friends there with you, makes it all much more worth it.

On Sunday, we shot the Grand River Showdown. I shot a 720 round at 70 meters with my little 24lbs bow, and shot a 480. Shawn says that's a good score to have since it was the first time shooting it. I won all my matches except one, and made it through the round robin to the one arrow shoot off to go up against the Grand River Champion. It was so close!! I lost by less than a half an inch in the 9 ring to my papa's friend Cathy, who happens to be the National Master's Champion :) So close.......

My mom took some pretty good photos of all of us. Some of them iconic..... (Conner), and I posted them all to share with everyone. Great memories for sure!! Melissa did an amazing job organizing, and I can't wait till next year!!

 My advise: if you're at a shoot or even at practice, and it starts to rain, and the wind picks up, 
stick it out!! Learn to shoot in it. Because, when it really counts, you'll be prepared. 
The only time they call off a tournament or competition is if there is a 
tornado and/or lightning. 
My score is slowing going up for shooting in such conditions, and it will only improve. 
Shot a PB Saturday for my rainy/windy scores, and didn't miss once.
The rain would come down hard at times to the point where 
it was pushing my arrows down into the 4 ring. Moved my sight down 
as far as it would go, and went on shooting :) 

Lyla and I. Our fist match play was against each other. 

One arrow shoot off with these 2 ladies. 
So close......

Love this photo

 Lyla, Hayley and I at opening announcements.
Think it would be sweet if the 3 of us made Team Canada for 2020
Anything can happen in 4 years when you have  
strong work ethic, dedication and passion :)