Consistency, Consistency, Consistency......

This I know will take some time, and having patience is key. I've been finding myself getting frustrated with my shooting lately, because I want to get it, and keep it that way. But it's a little trickier than I thought.

It was my vocal coach who taught me that practice makes progress. Progress. Nobody is perfect, and things don't happen over night. You have to work at it, and practice, practice, practice.

Someone just recently told me that it's the short term goals are baby steps towards your long term goals. So, getting my form and technique down one step at a time, is a step closer towards my consistency goal. Consistency of having good form and technique vs consistency of bad form and technique. It's not hard to figure out which I prefer.

I know what my long term goal is and what I need to do to get there. Baby steps :)

Consistency will come :)

Here are some photos and videos from this month :)

Paul from PT Squared was kind enough to bring me in for a work out
on Thanksgiving Day :) 

Wednesday Night practice with Abbey and Ben.  Shawn says 
we're progressing well and is very happy with our 

 Crispin Duenas was our coach on Saturday :) I was able
to take home some great advice and tips from him.
He did an amazing job with us!!

 I love shooting with these two :) 

I'm very lucky to have Paul as my PT. He has a program
set out specific for my needs.

Writing Things Down - 3 Important Tools to Add to Your Equipment

I recently got a big, blank whiteboard as well as a big whiteboard calendar to keep me organized. I can write down when I practice, when I work, when I do my workouts, how many arrows I plan to shoot and how many I actually shot. I even keep track of all my tests for school. I like to write down on my blank whiteboard my workout routine and how many reps I should be doing. It's definitely one of my favourite ways to keep organized. It's right in front of me when I wake up and when I go to sleep.

I use my journal to write down my form, what Shawn teaches me each lesson, and to make a plan before a competition. I use it to write down my goals and my plan for the competition, what score I'm aiming for, and what I should be thinking about. I also write in it after the competition or tournament. If I find myself stuck during practice or competition, I will go sit down and read my journal entries prior, which usually fixes any issues.

I like to have my planner and use it for when I'm out to write stuff in before I forget everything, because I can't get to my board right away. I take it to school, lessons with Shawn, sessions with Maddy, and I take it when I workout with Paul so I can write the exercises we did.

Having a planner, and whiteboard, are things I highly recommend. It helps to keep track of your schedule, and will make things easier for you if you're well organized. And, having a journal to write down what you're going to do, or what you have done, will help out with your training and progress. I send pictures of my weekly plan to Shawn, so he knows what I'm doing. If he has anything that he thinks I should change and/or work on, he emails me right away. All of these tools have helped me a lot. Not just with archery, but also with work and school.

 Here are my whiteboards. I usually plan out my weeks the weekend 
before, so Shawn can double check what I've planned out, note my progress, 
and suggest any changes if needed.

 This is my archery journal. All my goals, lessons, stuff that Shawn wants 
me to work on, and my "Game Plan" for competitions 
and tournaments are in here. This book is usually in my bow case because I
treat it as a part of my equipment.

  This is my day planner. Here is an example of one of my entries from a 
PT session I had with Paul. Now that I have my white board, I can 
incorporate from what I did in my sessions, to what I do for my at home 
workouts. This book is always with me, in my bag. 
I never go anywhere without it!